the radish


another great craft project to do and the radish sewing pattern is available in  Made by Hand: by Lena Corwin. there are a few other patterns in this book i would like to make when i have the chance or time.

*p.s. i've mistakenly sewn the bottom of the radish as the top but hey, it works this way too. btw, i'm not good at following directions. :)

tiny knitted rabbit

featured as a prop for my baby congrats card (see post below). i gave this knitted rabbit a little life by dressing her up which reminded me of playing dress-up to paper-doll as a little girl. i used felt to make her top. you can find the free pattern here. 

baby congrats


baby congrats card is the final installment of my congrats card series. the complete four congrats cards  :: special occasion // graduation // wedding // & baby are now available in my etsy shop. check 'em out!

2014 calendar


a little late on sharing this diy calendar i made for twenty fourteen. it's a simple black and white calendar i designed/created using heavy cardboards, black construction papers, free printable 2014 calendar, a few hole-punches/closures, and applied to it my own penmanship of the twenty fourteen letterings in ribbon style. happy april/spring!

wedding congrats


card no.3 -- part of my congrats card series, now available for purchase in my etsy shop.  

congrats cards


hello there! it's been awhile since i posted on this blog. i've been working on some new stuff and pictured above are new congrats cards now available in my
etsy shop. please swing by petit paperie and check them out or do a little shopping. more things to follow! enjoy!:)



after several years, i finally finished this quilt which has been sitting in my stash for the longest time. my plan was to make a full size quilt but i ended up only making half the size and here's to another baby/toddler blanket or a preferred throw/lap blanket. next time, i think i will just stick to a simple square quilt. i will be gifting this to a friend.